How Access Door Can Secure Your Asset?

What is the Purpose of a Door Access Control System?

Whether it is your work place or your home, it is always necessary to restrict the entry of unwanted people in the premises. For this use of mechanical locks and keys had been in use for decades now but they had certain limitations. It is now possible to overcome those limitations by using Door Access Control Systems.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Intrusion comes in many forms including employees or visitors, who are intentionally trying to gain unauthorized access to restricted areas, or impostors trying to infiltrate your building.


You Can Get Reports of Which Doors Everyone has Accessed

  • In the event that an alarm is tripped or something goes missing, a card access system allows you to retrace everyone’s paths through the doors set up in the system.
  • The system can generate reports showing which doors specific users accessed and what time they accessed them.
  • Or, if you know something seems out of place in, say a specific room, you can generate a report to see who accessed that room over the past month.
  • These features, built into each card access system, make it convenient to keep a close record of facilities without having to constantly monitor them.


Don’t Need to Worry About Lost Keys Falling into the Wrong Hands

When you know you’ve lost a card for your access system, you can simply deactivate it until it’s found or leave it deactivated once you replace it with a new card.


Audit Trail

You will have a record of each time a door is opened and closed, allowing you to map out the activity in certain areas of your office that can be used in time and attendance monitoring as well as employee management issues, such as time and disputes.


Increase Safety

An Access Control System increases the safety of employees when entering a business. It is much faster to swipe a card than to fumble around for a key. Plus, keys are easily duplicated, while an access card is not.

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