Finger Print Time Attendance System:


Employees Instead of Punching Card, Company Waste Money

If there is a punch card, there confirm have employees instead of punching card. This kind of thing cannot be avoided. Normally this instead of punching card will bring losses for the company. For example, a worker basic salary is RM2000, it friend help he/she to punch card for 20 days per month and have OT 3 hours per day, in one year the company will loss almost RM 20,000 per year. This is only one worker, how about they are four workers? During this period, you are not helping the company to earn money, but the company maybe needs to subsidize the OT.


Calculation Mistakes

It will be very complicated for the HR if they still using the old type punch card machine. The HR’s will take long time to calculate the employee’s salary one by one. At the same time, some calculation mistakes is cannot be avoided. When the salary is calculated mistaken, it will affect the EPF, SOCSO, etc… Besides that it also will lets the HR’s more work


Cloud Connect

When you are using this new type of Fingerprint Time Attendance System, it contains a cloud system. This cloud system will easy for the company there have branch at different state/country. You can use this cloud system to connect with all the finger print time attendance system and view it at one of your office. It will easy for HR’s or you to calculate the salary of different employee from different branch. For example, you have a branch at KL and Singapore, and your office at Penang, so you can stay at Penang office and use the cloud system to check the finger print time attendance that are at the KL and Singapore.

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