Preventive Maintenance Plan

Did You Know?

By installing a proper and reliable CCTV surveillance system, not only you be able to avert any attempts of burglary, such an investment could also bring about other intrinsic value to you and your business

  • Able to recording during incident
  • Able to obtain precise CCTV surveillance with blind areas
  • Video feeds always in tip-top conditions.
  • Having clear & sharp footage
  • Sufficient DVR recording at all times
  • Having good responsive services team whenever needed
  • Close monitoring on staff's working attitude and work culture for better business performance
  • Secures company tangible and intangible assets
  • Gain full ownership by staff during CCTV breakdown
  • Time saving when deal with experience CCTV vendor

Get the Maintenance Team You Can Totally Depend On

We offer you a comprehensive Maintenance Service Plans which

  • helps you keep costs and disruptions to a bare minimum
  • maximizing your system's effectiveness through timely preventative maintenance and servicing
  • It's hassle free, and gives you a total peace of mind

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